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    @Glittersniffer 343743 wrote:

    Do you get a beaty heart or anything on the days after?

    I used to take base a bit too much i think. I know different kinds of drug.

    But I get head rushes nearly every time i stand now. My heart still goes funny and it fucked with my head a bit.

    Plus on comedown, too often i would halucinate people walking around all the time. not objects usually people. Ghosts and thigns. vision, speaking and touch. terrifying

    My heart would beat and id be breathless if i moved at any speed. I’d almost develope tourettes for a day because i couldnt controll what i was saying, and just general horrible-ness 🙁

    Hence why im PROPER happy if there is no comdown.

    What have you got this from taking methadrone?