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    @irish_shrink 346598 wrote:

    Ok,. Im seriously going to annoy people here.

    I want some.

    To my credit, I have just read the last 32 pages of this thread, from start to finish. I deserve a medal, or even the knowledge that your mans stuff is good clean family wholesome fun!

    p0ly….you seem fed up with all the PMs, so im guessin asking for a link is a bit pointless, but if you did, I will buy you a pint and offer to play mephedarts with you, at my own risk of course!!(that is if i ever have the pleasure of meeting you!)

    The thing is, we are always a bit behind the times here in little old Ireland, and i would just love to cheer the villagers up.

    nice wan, as they say


    @General Lighting 346602 wrote:

    maybe it could be run it as a competitive sport and the betting / TV proceeds split with any local NHS Foundation Trust, they are always short of money (they can have the casualties too as practice for the teaching hospitals) :laugh_at:

    @irish_shrink 346606 wrote:

    yea, i pmmmmmed him too just there, but he is offline and im impatient! Guess i can wait til the morning.

    anyways, ta.

    Ya, this is a funny old place, this “partyvibe” isnt it, never really heard of it before, but then i dont get out much

    double legend!