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    @Mad-Max 338429 wrote:

    How is it a dumb question, the subject of this thread is mephedrone…I’m asking a question about….mephedrone! A couple of people have posted about how much to take in here, some reasonable amounts 1-2 g’s, you yourself quoted alot more excess! Stupid? Lol !!

    And stop moaning about the pm’s as I for one didnt even send one BECAUSE i’ve read the thread perhaps you should read closer. And my question was dumb? Trying to see how much to consume for a first time?? I thought I was edging on the side of caution whih seems the right thing to do with a drug hardly anything is known about!? Get off your high horse Mr Mephedrone Messiah!! Lol


    you gotta be fuckin kidding me

    he has linked to erowid time and time again which is a far more worthwhile resource. dosing is different for all as you should know and so are effects. erowid has in depth accounts from all types of people, dosing information included.

    He can moan all he bloody likes, he does get flooded with pm’s, and he has every right to complain. He has made a massive contribution to the community, whereas you havent. back off from my poly or ill eat your eyes.