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    @General Lighting 342837 wrote:

    Which substance? the last posts are mentioning piperazines.

    did this happen from only taking mephedrone alone?

    a lot of anecdotes are hinting at a dose of more than 1g in a session being risky – though I would say that is the case for a pure amount of all stimulants. Bear in mind your “gram” of mdma or amfetamines may be cut with inert substances…

    i have done about .75 of a g tonight in 3 goes of roughly quater gram hits … first was smallest and didn’t do too much .. second was the otehr quater a g and the extra bit that wasn’t in the first “quater” g i did … that got me nicely rushing for a short while .. but then faded … i felt almost normal .. alltho i could tell i had taken something .. it was a very slight feeling that made me think i could do loads of this shit no problem … but i am sweating prefusly .. now i am not a healthy person and have alot of toxins in my body .. but this is silly … my heart rate must be way up there atm … and i feel like i could take loads more (am not going to) but feel like i could … where the buzz is like a slightly milder shorter lived mdma buzz i think it could become dangerous for people thinking they can cain this stuff cos they are not “feeling it” as much as mdma .. (as this is gonna be the drugs main comparison in peoples minds) and trying to hit that lvl or just do more cos they feel fine but the drug is still there in there system … i’ll tell you how i feel after this last .25ish has hit me … (only takes a matter of 10-15 to kick in after first dose :crazy: – this is in pure powder form) only thing i will say is i have had 2 beers and half a bottle of wine .. and i find even a few drinks can “dull” the effects of mdma .. so this would be expected of a similer acting and working drug imo .. but again this proves my point how it could be dangerous with people thinking it’s ok to take loads and loads (comparing it with mdma)… this after all is a problem that alot of people that take drugs have with anything they take as it stands allready … 😥