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    @boothy 351151 wrote:

    i didn’t call him a tory based on the link he posted, that was just another point.

    it was more based on this:
    “Fucking Unions fucking up the country again”

    basically its a fairly widely accepted stance that tories/thatcherites hated union action and favoured private bosses etc. – the tory party systematically destroyed industries by undermining unions

    reading the mail doesnt necesarily mean you vote or support tory, but a mail article about unions is obviously going to be full of fucking right wing tory spin, no not all who read the mail are tories, but the mail is definitely a tory/right paper hands down.

    there are a lot of women who read the mail and arent necesarily tories – this is because in the 80s the mail rebranded itself as womans paper, and this became its target market. its a middle-market paper, so it deals with a balance of entertainment and news. this was a clever move as it continues to push right-wing views but under a lighter, more subtle guise.

    as for people getting annoyed by the strikes – obviously it is a pain when people rely on the royal mail. but as workers we should support strike action, and strike action isnt taken lightly. unions are so so important to help stand up to the selfish interests of the owners, we should unite behind unions. reading more into the reasons behind striking, id agree with the motivation too.

    as today brown announces public spending cuts (cunt, its thatcher and new labours little experiment in unregulated free market thats caused this crash, and the vital public sector paying for it!) we can expect a lot more strikes across many sectors.

    Fair enough pal.