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BioTech wrote:
Yeah I’m well aware of that. That’s why I think the best option is to just stay out of their way for the next month and move house. I’m not prejudiced either and I’ve given them repeated chances and tried to think that they could be ok really, but from the things that go on and what I hear them talking about I’m pretty sure I’ve made my opinion without prejudice.

you, and everyone else has every right to judge people by the actions they make in the community in public. I’m getting really fucked off with the lack of shame and dignity some people have in this country.

I don’t want to go back to the days of “Empire and stiff upper lip” but I once thought that people in Britain had some idea about how to conduct themselves decently both in public and private, even if they didn’t follow all the norms of conventional society.

Sometimes voting with your feet and your capital (even if you don’t think you are “rich” your rent payments are substantial) is the best thing you can do.

your current landlord will wonder why he or she has lost a good tenant, and maybe they will make enquiries themselves after you have gone..