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    I was thinking one button per question, and I can lick my own balls, they taste like aniseed yuk lol

    @TheStealthyRacoon 540242 wrote:

    Sounds like a nice idea on the surface, but really it would just lead to chaos. Any transition be it political, social or economic that does not happen slowly and organically will lead to much conflict.

    Yeah thats kinda what Im getting at, some things thats simplistically seem great idea’s can have seriously negative consequences

    @ Chrispy, why on the virus one, kind of an health equality, right now many die young, some live to old age, would you prefer all to have the same life span or play the lottery of will they get ill

    @Pat McDonald 540222 wrote:

    1)I’d say this list was ageist, so here’s a few of mine.

    4) Cause all road vehicles to become airworthy, complete with auto-pilot. No more traffic jams.

    5) Cause all domestic homes to have their own electricity and gas generators to spontaneously appear. No more energy bills.

    6) Neutron bombs explode in every capital. No more government, without any fallout.

    4) Hell yeah

    5) No brainer, wheres the down side

    6) No, I live in a capital city, also much as we hate them we do actually need governments. Democracy may not work but it’s still the best of a bad set of options.