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    I’m enamoured that I’ve caused such a shit stir, but I’ve met, and partied with elretardo and quite a few of his mates on a few occassions over about the past 3 or 4 yrs and I never had any problems other than a big dose of paranoia after which i moved away from there and straightened my head out.

    I don’t know anyone else’s name on here but elretardo’s awesome and helped me out a few times. I have a lot of time and respect for him but I haven’t seen him in over a year coz I moved away from where he’s from (after the paranoia) and down to London (hence my post on the other forum just now regarding psytrance down here)

    Anyway,Right, I’m gonna have a RANT:

    I am not the fucking POPO
    I am not a fucking PIG
    I like to party all night long
    and when I do I can’t find anything to rhyme with it so I hope you all don’t think I’m too bad….

    Look, seriously, I’m fuckin peeeeeeved that someone wud call me the fucking popo. And I’ll tell you why:

    I moved to Fife about 8 yrs ago after doing some college after working in hotels in the lake district for about 4 or 5 yrs . No money from mummy n daddy (I don’t even have a mummy n daddy), just a student loan (which I’m now paying back ffs) and what little money I could earn from the odd bar shift here n there.
    Then I found this website and thought hold on it might be a really good place to meet others who like to party around and have fun, so why not do that (This was after a whole lotta time in the lake district working in hotels and having a few parties up in the hills and in sth scotland and other places which was awesome).
    Then I moved to edinburgh in 08 and found some people who like psytrance and now i really love it.

    But here’s the point:

    In all that time not one person pissed me off other than the fucking pigs who come along and want to stop you partying. Not one person directly caused me any grief, and upset or any harm and I loved every fucking minute of it.

    I met some amazing people (peace going out to The ConsciousDreamer – you know who you are -, All of Planet Monkey and the rest of the edinburgh massive: I met and mixed with lots of cool people there and will always have a fond memories, even though I did get para and bolt down to england to escape my own head.

    So, you can make what you want of all of this but, like I said before, you can piss off if you think I’m the fuzz

    Peace love and bangin’ tunes all round