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    tarifa wrote:
    But they forgot one other bit; the white poo from all those mongrel muts, where’d it all go? sorry to lower the tone but seriously . . . ?

    :laugh_at: Yeah i remember in summer walking to school and always wondering why there was white dog poo everywhere! Maybe people clean it up before i goes white!

    tarifa wrote:
    an hubba-bubba + caramac, cap guns, rocket ships, playing on wasteground (but avoiding the mac-wearing wierdos), climbing trees, roller-skates, jumping off the swings, damming up streams an all those visits to A & E ahhhhhhh those were the daze . . . . have i missed anything?

    Visits to A&E! I knew the nurses by name and they knew me, i would be sent to X-ray and told “go on Lee you know the way” The longest i spent away from Musgrove Park Hospital was 4 Months……. :hopeless: