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    Hmmm If It makes you feel better, he’s my story of being skanked…

    It was after the Infected Mushrooms event In London a few months ago. To set the scene, Id just double dropped about half an hour before the closed, and as we walked out the door, I went straight to the shop for a bottle of Vodka. First 2 mistakes there 😉

    We walked to go over to the after party place, but decided it looked more fun outside laying on the grass with all the locals rather than going into that shit hole for 3 hours for a tenner… Anyway, I was sat down and about to have a mouth full of my voddy. Behind me I heard “neck it bruv, neck it”. It didnt take alot of convincing In my state, down It went :crazy_diz

    Anyway, that was mistake number 3. I sat chatting to this kid for ages, and started feeling pretty comfortable (Not to mention shit faced). We got talking and I mentioned maddy, to which he said he had some for sale. Bangin I thought, I gave him the dollar, and the took the baggie without second thought, especially because Id been talking to him for ages, otherwise Id be well more cautious.

    More or less immediately he said he was nipping to the shop, sound I though, no worries. He disappeared and I decided to have a line. Opened the bag to inspect it for the first time, and what did I have, fucking wash powder lmao… For some reason though, I sniffed the whole lot and had chemical burns for a week at the back of my throat. Dont ask :laugh_at:

    Always check stuff out before you buy it kids.

    Happens to us all Felicity, dont worry about It 😉