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    General Lighting wrote:
    it is wholly daft that the DwP and DfES won’t even talk to one another to sort out a solution, (or just let you volunteer) as I’m sure that there is a shortage of teaching assistants and you’ve already passed the stuff like CRB and got the experience…

    have you tried the usual temp agencies for office work? I’ve got the impression that a lot of private and public sector offices have moved recently from the South and East into Sheffield and are looking for workers..

    am registered with a couple of education agencies in sheffield, found them useful at getting me work, hope something long term and permanent comes up tho…had an interview yesterday for a secondary school helping two pupils who love doing art but have poor social/behavioral skills. Sounds rewarding, just waiting to hear if i have the position….

    Worked today as a supply teaching assistant in a ‘learning lab’ helping children who have SEN and other learning problems who have been kicked out their lessons or just cant sit in the classroom. Was rewarding , they mainly did creative stuff and we played games… one lad was making some amazing music using a computer program!:weee: