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@General Lighting 404757 wrote:

mate I only party every 3-6 months these days and may well have not been out in a large group for over a year until that party I met process at, and that was a small(ish) house party – I’m really fussy though where I go, who with and in what areas. I rarely get as trashed as I used to either… too much else in normal life, and haven’t been actively involved with organising parties since I left SE England…

I do miss the fun aspects a bit especially the creativity and exploring places but Its quite refreshing not going through mood swings all the time, and not being paranoid of cops etc (I’ve not even become well known to them here compared to Thames Valley) and not having to feel guilty/anxious about my lifestyle…

Anyway what I’m saying is its perfectly possible to stay on here (or any other of the rave forums) and not do fuckloads of drugs or party every weekend..

yeah but your different your our very own legend!