Forums The Vibe Chat How do you view ‘older’ ravers/party goers? Re: How do you view ‘older’ ravers/party goers?

    General Lighting;235259 wrote:
    I know one crew what has been persecuted by feds IMO quite unfairly simply because of the idiocy of others elsewhere in the county – everyone gets tarred with the same brush.

    yeah that is one of the downsides.

    General Lighting;235259 wrote:
    what I noticed at the recent East Anglian raves before the clampdowns was loads of teens to early 20s, a fair few people my age group, but less and less in between (particularly in their mid 20s).

    ive noticed this as well, there seems to be hardly anyone my age at the parties i go to. age range goes from 16-early20’s then 30-45. strange.