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    starlaugh wrote:
    Ah i would have gone straight for the jump :groucho: tickets expensive or sold out then?

    they where wanting £100 for the sunday … fook that

    and yeah the guy with dreads was a legend and ive been meaning to thank him … basically, he asked me about my wristband (of course i didnt have one and he knew this from the off) some security guys saw he was talking to me and came over to ask what was going on, he knew id get kicked out without a doubt and probably driven far off site and maybe even have a few cheeky digs in the stomach so he just said

    ”he’s lost it and his ticket so im going up with him to get another from HQ”

    they left and said ”ok alright”

    fucking legend he has my ultimate respect raaa

    we didnt get the wristband btw, but he saved my ass