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Tank Girl

    Yeh my dad and uncle did / does that, my dad had loads of copper wires (big massive industrial stuff) left over from when he was a spark (20+ yr ago) and my bro spent a summer stripping it and made about £400 quid scrap!

    I met up with my mum today, so sad she is so hurt and upset about it, feels ‘ganged up on’ and its opened a hornets nest of lots of problems and ‘unsaid’ things, including relationship issues,

    She’s not got any animals etc – as I totally agree when it gets unsafe, unsafe to aminals and its not ‘too’ bad in my opinion – as I’ve seen much much worse in my job,

    I am so glad I didnt join in as I think it would have damaged my relationship with her, and I think she needs atleast one of us she can open up to and be honest who isnt gonna make her feel even more shit about herself……