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timid rabbit
    USE wrote:
    basically you are gonna have to do a basic video edit then author it to dvd. bio’s uggestion of movie maker is a good one for soemone with no experience of video editing. just drop all your pics into the timeline, then drop the audio in and tweak the length of the pics if neccessary (they will load as 7 seconds each by default, which is quite long, but changing their length is easy, use the help.

    then you will need to author the video files to dvd. (save as avi, by the way, not “windows reccommended” windows media file, avis are way better quality).

    i made a few dvds with my last cpu that was stolen, and i havent had a chance to load another dvd soft onto my new cpu, so i dont know whats good for authoring. i would just google “dvd authoring” and pick one. if i remember i’ll be back here in a few days with a reccommended authoring prog.

    hope this helps. :group_hug

    this is all new to me how to you get the sound i have the pics in but cant get sound