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    TBH I don’t think you can blame music genres or dancing styles for poor DJ’s. before zero tolerance there was plenty of different music being played at the EA parties I went to (it wasn’t all hard trance by any means). some of the mixing was sketchy but that was because many of the DJ’s could barely stand :laugh_at: yet alone mix.

    I think its simply more a case of most of the people providing the resources (rig, drugs, tunes) being increasingly the younger more stubborn crowd for whom even the music is becoming secondary to the thrill of being able to take over the field and have the party, and also being able to cane fuckloads of drugs?

    TBH for many people currently on the free party scene these days its a rite of passage, they do it for a few years from their teens to their their 20s and then knock it on the head when the drugs become too much, they lose the last of their kit/records to the feds, or they meet someone and start a family (or any combination of the three).

    its a bit different with established club DJ’s (a fair few who are older than me!) who are making cash off their work and/or have been into the music for as long as some people have been alive, have collected thousands of tunes and don’t have to be paranoid about ther tunes being taken by the cops and really put loads of effort into their set (as stuff like logisitics and promotions are done by others). Many of them don’t even touch drugs!