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    General Lighting wrote:
    However I’ve watched both shows (I prefer Dirty Sanchez TBH as its UK-based)

    am i the only person ever to have seen “dicking about”

    6 guys from a highland village whose mate had died (ostensibly of boredom) decided that the only way to save themselves was by dicking about

    they pursuaded the two brothers who correographed / designed the stunts for the Matrix to come over, telling them that they needed advice on breaking into mainstream media.

    at 9 in the morning the guys were on the buckfast, and their stunts consisted of jumping onto lego bricks from a bar stool in bare feet and falling down shale cliffs while riding children’s bikes, pogo sticks, or dragging their mate around a field tied by his wrists to a motorbike until he was bleeding badly

    priceless :satisfied

    the only telly that could have been deemed responsible was an advertisment some years ago for a soft drink, where a bloke dressed in “wacky” clothes slaps a passer by with his gloved hands… IIRC it was TX’d several times at peak youth viewing time, and in CITV ad slots (at least until the regulators stepped in and complained)

    it did get taken off the air after a spate of kids slpping each other, resulting in permenant hearing damage 😐