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Pat McDonald

    @eye. 508598 wrote:

    If you have a 3G phone. Get a 3 sim card, top up £15 and buy the £15 add on (unlimited net.) If you change the apn from “” to “3internet” it removes the stupid web filter and your connection acts like one of their mobile broadband sticks. Then just tether it to your PC via wifi/USB. I’ve been using this for years as I have no landline and it’s fast enough, even used to play Xbox live without too much lag.

    Bear in mind though folks – this doesn’t work nearly as well if you don’t have a good local 3G cell phone signal. Also phone coverage is partly dependent on usage, so if your local network is saturated with “da kids comparing der bling n stuff” then the connection speed can be patchy.

    There are a few laptops with the kit already built in – tablets often have a SIM socket and built in 3G. It’s not so common on laptops or netbooks which need a seperate phone, pointer or tether to take a SIM and make the cell phone connection and also setup a local Wireless WiFI network for other devices.