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    @ergotamine 483042 wrote:

    <3 I'm a female psychonaut 🙂 and I can't seem to upload a avatar it says I do not have not sufficient privileges to access this page. Can someone explain why I am having trouble with this?

    unfortunately not only is the UK rave/drugs scene increasingly dominated by young males (and its going the same way in Europe) we reached a stage where 70% of all girls joining were either from the Phillipines or Canada trying to advertise stuff for their own personal gain (the Canadians were part of a viral marketing campaign for make up products, and the pinays do it as a on the side job from their call centre jobs). Also when mephedrone was briefly legal everyone was trying to spam this forum to sell it and some folk (of both genders) stiill do. We also get a lot of sex workers trying to advertise, as because this forum takes a liberal view on many things its clearly seen as a “soft target”.

    so the security procedures here are beefed up. once you have over a certain number of posts then all the functions will be available.