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The Psyentist

    Bollocks to google and every other massive power hungry corporation. Option 1 in my opinion. Not the easiest option no but I think it best displays our integrity and morals. We are different, we don’t belong to society as the powers that be would like of us and we should stand up and not just tell others our beliefs but shout it from the rooftops!

    We’re constantly being directed and herded throughout our lives by people trying to control us. Bottom line is yes we take drugs (ooh how naughty, yet tax evasion and every other crime committed by politicians or people with money=power goes largely unpunished), yes we listen to music which mainstream sheeple consider offensive and yes we have sex (hello; we’d die out pretty quickly if we stopped this).

    What exactly are we doing wrong? Certainly not as much as google the thieving cunts. Take my money, fine, but fuck off you’re not having my freedom!