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    @The Psyentist 552833 wrote:

    So let me get this straight as I’ve not even been here a year yet. Have Google always helped fund the site? Or only recently?

    I’d have assumed they only started funding us a few months back when all their highly annoying adverts started appearing all over the site.

    Previously the funds came from subscribers and people promoting their own things on our site?

    If that was the case and PV got by gor 15 years in this manner why should we suddenly rely on Google.

    Please help me have a greater understanding of this situation because at the moment I am just confused and slightly angry.

    it is only very recently Google have funded PV (hence the ads). in recent times there have been a lot more “resource intensive” things on this site like the radio streams, downloads, big picture albums which increases the running costs. We’ve also removed requirements for promoters to subscribe as UK promoters were avoiding using the site because of them.