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this isn’t uncommon at all particularly on the hedonistic and permissive drug using communities – you’ve got a lot of people my age what are now parents and don’t want to be “too judgemental” so they find it impossible to set boundaries – after all you can’t exactly tell your teenage kid not to do drugs or sleep around you are doing this yourself..

it gets brought home to you when 5 years ago just one psycho manages to kill 5 prostitutes and the resulting investigation makes your town look like something out of a 1990s era ITV crime film (the ones I used to tell my mum “don’t get para watching them, that level of crime or old bill everywhere simply isn’t realistic for England”)

I will never forget those scenes, seriously it was unreal seeing that many coppers everywhere and I’ve grown up in rough bits of London where there was gangs and near enough racial wars and never seen that many old bill before…

then (because of other incidents blighting the nightlife/drugs scene) it gets linked with any night time events (as 2 of the girls were ex ravers/clubbers) and is why the cops are really harsh on drugs/partying of all kinds these days and the faith groups and all sorts of do gooders got involved – I wont criticise them though as they have done a lot of good to clean up society and have genuinely made people safer, but it was a shame that at least 7 people had lost their lives before people clued up a bit (not just prostitutes but other people killed in needless stupid behaviour like gang fights etc) and it handed over a victory on a plate to the anti-fun lobby…