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    Its not nostalgia, 25fps/ (sometimes 50fps progessive) is still the standard used everywhere in Europe for professional broadcasting even in the digital age, “normal” television and its associated transmission methods still remains popular and analogue kit has not completely disappeared – even though the mains frequency is not used as a timing reference as often as it once was. Many organisations are going to have loads of legacy content at the countries frame rate.

    Hollywood still uses 24fps for its productions even though film isn’t used as much.

    So non linear editing software is set for a project frame rate and converting content is an extra hassle. (its even more complex for USA showing hollywood productions on telly, which gets really complicated).

    Most higher end camcorders sold in the UK, EU and the bulk of Asia will still be 25/50fps, and DSLRs sold internationally let you select frame rates. (it would therefore have been simple to put a setting in the firmware for this!)

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