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    BioTech;233614 wrote:
    Although a pair of technics may be cheaper than a pair of Pioneer CDJ’s you will be spending a ton on vinyl compared to CD’s and digital media.

    I think I’ll always prefer vinyl but I would no longer argue that it’s better than CD’s. The few benefits it has over CD and digital is that it has more of a face… a connection if you will. CD’s tend to be faceless and souless to look at and connect with. Vinyl feels better to use as it’s very hands on, plus the collector element is there.

    Otherwise CD and digital wins pretty much every other way provided you use a lossless data format like WAV.

    Superior sound quality
    Abilty to burn another if a tune gets scratched
    Abilty to play your own tunes straight away
    Ability to play friends tunes
    Limitless supply of a release (I sometimes see that as a downside though)
    More scope for being creative
    +many other benefits

    People may not want to admit it but vinyl is now for collectors, purists, romantics and people who refuse to move on (like me!)

    …oh unless you plan to be a turntablist… then it’s vinyl all the way without question.

    sounds like CDJ’ing is the way to go for me now, what CDJ’s would you recommend for me considering im totally new to it?

    Any thoughts on Death_Blooms suggestion? *(thanks for that btw death :wink:)

    and um, not to sound like an idiot but whats a turntablist compared to normal djing?