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    Ahhh, give it a go, ‘t is muchos funos. I find a sine wave LFO works best, set at 1/1 speed, tho’ you could take it off of tempo sync and automate (or modulate, which I’m sure the Virus is capable of) the speed… play around with the cut-off while doing so (of course!). Ooh and maybe have the fast-synced LFO modulating about 20 or 30% of the pitch, and attach another LFO to the pitch, ‘cept this time with a sawtooth or a ramp/inverted sawtooth, set to 100%… makes for some reeeeeeeally nice bubbley riser/downfall sounds, if you choose the right oscillator. 😀

    LOL, giving up the hermit lifestyle for 3 months. Now that’s dedication! If only I had a girlfriend who would let me do that. :lol_big:

    lol I’ve had a go I just make a bad noise XD

    What waveform should I be using for the oscillators themselves?