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Techno Viking
    Dan Ooops! wrote:

    Gotta disappear for a bit…

    I am getting married two weeks this weekend, and then going on a three week honeymoon:love:

    Am well busy at work trying to get everything ready for nearly a month off, and well hectic at home dealing with all the plans etc…:you_crazy :hopeless:

    So, I really wont be able to come on and chat/rant/advise/read for a while.:laugh_at:

    Good luck to Mr AHC with your army stuff mate; happy bank holiday to everyone going out raving; big up yerelves if you are throwing a party (shh!, dont tell the rozzers it was you):crazy_dru and :group_hug to everyone with exams and shit coming up.

    Peace out guys

    Congratulations and best wishes!