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    Here it is guys… I’ll probably have to edit this so it’s easier to understand for sober people 😀
    Let me know your thoughts either way?

    Hello tata.. I love you (Edit: this letter was meant for my dad originally)

    I am going to write this (I just spoke to you) so you can have more time to think about what I have to say.

    The good news is:
    I don’t think I’ll use mind-altering-chemicals as a long term solution. I hope that by seeing you in 2 weeks it will completely

    irradicate any need.

    So I hope you understood my theory that we as a human orginism use tools to help us live longer.
    . We use spades to dig in gardens.
    . We use cars to move the apples from the gardens
    . We use medicene to live longer.
    . We use shoes to protect our feet so we can work in the garden more.

    Now one tools of ours is called goverment/control/system. It helps us live longer lives.

    We use tools to live longer (this is the theory). Regardless of what we use.
    So what happens when a tool cause more damage than is added? You probably relate this to drugs/alcohol/nuclear boms.

    So what happens when we use knifes in stead of rubber to walk on? Well we cut our foot, gather food slower, which makes us

    die. Hence such a tool is ‘damaging’.

    Mind Blown Check 1
    My theory states, we need to use all our tools to help us live longer. (Our brain is a tool too, thats pretty cool huh)?
    This can be drugs, photons, machineary, electricity, science, medicience, operations, reproduction?.. All these things help us

    live life.

    I have used a tool to write this. Not because I care about your existence, I care about mine cause I wanna live longest. I cant

    explain why orginisms want to exist. But it seems my theory can explain poverty, goverment, drugs, alcohol.

    Now back to the goverment. Our govermnet think that tools that operate on brain chemistry (that could help us live longer) are

    DAMAGING, but some of them are ok, these are alcohol, nicotene and the rest. This is IS a broken tool.

    From the knowledge I have gained in my 17 years of life.. I think we are using a broken tool that is lowering your life expectancy


    Or I am simply uninformed about why some tools(‘drugs example’) are classified as a damaging to our society.
    Either way I am the product of this misinformation, I have found a massive leap in human ‘society’ or I am the product of lead

    poisoning and my ‘mutation’ will die out.

    At this moment, by giving you this message to read I believe I am increasing my life expectency.

    So lets get to some issues:
    Why are stimulant drugs (tools) termed ‘damaging’ to human biengs? Do they not help productivity?

    Here is the arrogunt part

    You use tools everyday. I am just informing you of my cocern that the tool we use (Government) is damaging my/our/you life


    My theory seems to answer allot of my question in regards to gender/anxiety/drugs/life/suicide/religoin/poverty/humor(!

    Humor – saves lives by easing ‘death-killing’hormones – humor helps lesson stress- less stress less homocides – makes my life

    Anxiety – I guess it provides extra caution to new/unknown inhabitents (foreingers like me).
    If someone was muslim, And he went to a Christian (building/town) he won’t just shout out ‘ALLAH IS THE ONE’ no he will first

    listen to hear what others have to say, he will be shy, being carefull what he says. This save him being shot in the head.
    Drugs – Medicinal drugs are ok but what about illicit drugs?
    Religioun – I think religioun is a great tool humans use to live longer but I think it damaging us by creating religious-wars hence

    killing people.

    So as you see bad tools seem to (die?) out…
    Things like goverment, society, drugs, ‘tools’, ‘poverty’.

    Today I used a tool to write this. Just like some people use a bridge to cross a river (prevents drowning hence saves lives).
    I used this tool to write the message. Why? Because this tool will help me live longer.

    The purpose to life: Finding the most eficient tools.

    The end. This is the point where I either think wow “If I read this myself I’d think what a complete nutter on acid thinking he

    can change his world forever”. Or this is a big misunderstand between me and civilisation… Which probably means with your

    help I’ll live longer to.. So etheir way 😀

    Thank you for helping my existence… Your existence probably effects me additively aswell. And that is the reason I love you.