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    @Pat McDonald 508611 wrote:

    Sure it’s possible – depending on your budget. 🙂

    Not just a money thing, also depends how much effort your willing to put into researching how the things were made in the first place.

    As “radio valve suppliers” returned 1.5 million hits, I don’t think it’s going to be that difficult to find people willing to sell you some of them. Almost certainly more than needed for one instrument.

    Had never heard of this before your post, but that’s my opinion on your fad. Whether or not you can make it real, depends on you.

    Well I mean I’m sure I could build an HDTV if I tried hard and had the funds, it was more a line of enquiry into “is it feasible to do this without getting frustrated due to time and effort” but I guess my love of the instrument’s sound outweighs any possible setbacks I may face. As long as I get a working product in the end at least…