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Most of the cheaper home ISPs go tits up over the festive period, as does much of the 3g mobile network. Consider that people have obtained yet more gadgets (games consoles and smartphones) which often connect to the home router, also it is very common for those who “know something about computers” to be presented with the task of fixing their parents/relatives computers when doing the festive family gatherings. Often this involves downloading updates, upgrading software etc – all more traffic on the Internet…

we are actually “running out of internet” in some respects and the ISP’s are looking for ways to charge Google, BBC etc for streaming media. Its complicated stuff mixing politics, economics and technology, and there is a lot of tinfoil ‘at conspiracies about it but the net is not some endless pool of cheap resources..

makes sense, bloody annoying though. Thought perhaps the snow had made it worse but thought I am a bit far south for too much impact. I am seriously tempted to get the new BT fiberoptic thingy they just installed in the town. But cannot really justify it in any way.

oddly the 3g networks been working surprisingly well

the future of the net is looking a bit scary, think they are going ahead with allowing people to pay for pirority traffic privilages in future. Which has really pissed me off, goes again the ethos of the whole thing.