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m45k1 wrote:
I’m not trying to instigate an argument, just sticking up for a mate. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you wish to do be negative please post it on squatjuice as there is a doll queue of people there waiting to back you up.

I completely agree with you, I love Tracey!

I don’t understand how she could be “excruciating” to watch.. she’s pretty quiet (which is understandable due to the majority of the people she’s in there with being idiots) in general, but when she does get involved with things she’s really funny, and is also very perceptive when it comes to people – and she’s really on-the-mark with guessing what’s going on with Carole.

I’m glad Charley has gone, because other housemates are getting a chance to shine.. and FINALLY funny light-hearted bits are being shown instead of all the boring arguments (I’d much rather watch a funny task than a pointless argument).. which means we are now seeing more of Tracey and others… YAY ^_^

As far as I’m concerned, Tracey or Brian to win!! =D