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    Heavy wrote:
    When Boro played at Peterborough in the cup about 20 years ago I had a spare ticket.

    Tried to give it away in the pubs beforehand but everyone was sorted. As I went through the turnstile a bloke started freaking out cos he’d lost his ticket.

    His reaction when I passed him my spare one was priceless. I think he just stopped short of offering me his wife for the night.:weee:

    My mate did something similar with Live8 tickets or something like that (sure he had to pay for the tickets) well he went down to the place where the event was and touts were trying to buy the tickets off him but he wasn’t having any of it. Then the touts tried to sell tickets to a bloke so my mate ran over and just handed the bloke the tickets and told him to have a good day! :weee: