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    i’m a little surprised so many people are a bit aggro about this. sounds to me like the community there is working together to try and create an environment that suits a certain group of people with quite modest wishes. Theyre not a large group, have well defined aims of which we can be tolerant and as long as they arnt throwing their weight around trying to impose their views on anyone else or undermine other villages/develpoments it seems an oddity but not necessarily morally repugnant.

    If folks want to live in a totalitarian es-state then let them. some people crave security and order even if its a bit contrived, but as long as its contrived by them and theres choice as to whether to participate (ie move there by choice) then thats their rice-ball.

    I lived once in a ‘trendy’ development in london with ridiculous rules about not hanging washing out to dry – which i thought was daft, as it looks lovely, domestic, colourful and homely to see washing hanging outside peoples homes. It had rules about noise too, and keeping windows clean. I still moved there though cos it suited in most other respects and moved on cos i had a choice to. live and let live.