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    @Frey 535255 wrote:

    I am looking for something to generate synth style sounds, produce drumbeats, good with sampling and mixing, the whole 9 yards really. Anyone know of a magical software bundle/suite whatever that can hook me up?

    those packages others have suggested will help you, but you already have the equipment to make the magic.

    On either side of your head two devices known as ears, and inside it is a brain. it is with a combination of these you will make the magical sounds.

    Also if you can scrape together the money get decent soundcard (I’d suggest the Focusrite ones or similar but not sure if you can get them easily in your country, they would have to be imported from UK) and good studio monitor amp / loudspeakers. At the very least if you can’t afford new stuff search out a 1980s/1990s era Japanese amplifier and some second hand loudspeakers that have not have been ragged by previous owner, and perhaps a decent pair of cans (headphones) if you don’t have a “den” type place (like all American dudes we see on our telly seem to have) where you can make noise all night long.