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    im in the barnsley area but originally from down south, cheers i like to think i got something in this head of mine lol full of psycadelic things and THC normally but giving it all up until i find out either way if i pass all the tests and stuff, i know what ill be fighting for and what i want to achieve from it but its hard but here goes, do you remember before you even heard of drugs and free parties and you jus went about your business not questioning anything and then all of a sudden you start smoking abit, find out what ppl get upto behind closed doors ppls ambitions of organising parties and mixing . You go even deeper into the scene and become one of those ppl that party all the time and get wasted on pretty much anything going within reason and then trying to forget what a fucking awesome time you had doing it all to get on in life, its like theres 2 of me fighting to do both things and at the moment im going with the normal thinking part of me but we shall see lol