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    just got back … in a bit of a heap … had a wkd night .. relativly drug free everning … tiny amounts of suposed to be mdma .. then tiny amounts of what i can only desribe a petoral bass …. fucking discusting .. stupidly fast un making sence music .. what i thought i did pretty well to manage to dance to for some hours …. and some amazingly trippy d+b .. big up raiden … alltho wayyyy to much fucking dub step …. really anoyed raiden played more than half a set of dubstep … alltho best dubstep i ever heard tbf … not what i went to see him for ….. and some mad as my mate desribes it “eletro dub” in the upstairs room … that was like acid funky house with dubstep bass imo … really captured me … and went a bit mental on the dance floor … same as the late night break core and d+b … shocking dancing threw myself acrosss that place good and proper lol 🙂