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    even feds have health and safety rules and few would want to fuck around with filthy used needles just to get justification to clamp down on raves when they could do so anyway through the proper legal channels!

    I’ve known pinheads before and thanks to our NHS giving out freebies in many area its well easy for them to amass a huge store of used needles… I am aware of various incidents of friction what occured between travellers and weekenders at that event and all it takes is one user to find a sin bin and go chucking its contents around

    its bullshit like this why I don’t go to large “teknivals” any more… did go to the 2007 wentwood one and it was OK but there wasn’t that much unity; everyone stayed in their camp like there was an East Anglia camp one side and a SE England one the other and few people interacted…