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    Jester, that’s quite a Pandora’s Box you’re playing with there, mate. I agree with Raj on the “…like every other country – a combination of nice folk and people I would not give the time of day to…” comment. I’ve met some really cool Americans, and some not so nice.

    Not any old President & Co takes it upon themselves to police the world. The world, rudderless and in crisis as it is, needs firm and considerate leaders who show compassion and vision. The Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld gang…all they care about is oil, cash and pushing the US economy to more and more (unstable) boom times to suit their greed. This dovetails well with big business, which doesn’t care much for namby-pamby environmental issues or the well-being of consumers. Don’t think. Just buy it.

    The Bush administration’s handling of international and domestic crises has been reactionary and ill-informed, and despite plain-faced truth and proof, they do not back down and they do not show any humility or grace in the face of hard facts. And yet they continue to take aim at percieved or imaginary enemies, and continue to do as they wish, wherever they wish.
    What they do is puff out their chests and thump their war chests when threatened or pointed out. They’re bullies. And unfortunately all the other kids on the playground have either taken their side or are feeling the heat.

    Ronald McD is a symbol of all that’s wrong with the greed of big companies – selling unhealthy food to kids by using sophisticated advertising to get at the parent’s pockets. That’s foul play. They might do a little window-dressing and support some good causes (and ‘healthify’ their products), but they don’t do that to actually make a difference, it’s just good publicity.

    Maybe things will change soon.

    I hope so.