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timid rabbit
    General Lighting wrote:
    some years ago, I once returned a faulty computer to a shop in London.

    I got a full refund without hassle, but the next time I went in the shop I was told “I had been banned because I had caused “problems” before.

    The bloke in there was actually getting ready to dial 999!

    Now I am not a big intimidating sort of chap and I had been polite when returning the faulty computer so I was more amazed by this than anything – but it just shows how unwilling many businesses are to deal with difficult customers, they would rather lose all the repeat business than sort out their problems.

    yeah i got a brand new ph of 02 been weith them 5yrs now, the stupid bird hadnt got a clue , couldnt even look at me while she was talking to me, i called customer service while in the shop , she told me how to deal with my querry , went back to counter, and the bitch blanked me, and served other customers
    still no fucking better off