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boothy wrote:
i’m fuckin skint this year man… that’s how it is up ere tho, only jobs u get are worth fuck all, thats why everyone moves away! i thort of dealin but i aint even got enough cash to get me anythin,

you can earn a lot of money, easily, but as the saying goes if you aint prepared to do the time dont do the crime etc.. admitadly if your only selling small amounts of anything so long as your clever you can usually get away with possession, but speaking from experience if you do get nicked you can lose everything, friends, money, where you live, respect, family, basically you’ll have to start your whole life again, which can be difficult if you’ve been knocking out for a while and not really done much with your life in the last 10 years. picking your life back up after that can be a slow and painfull process.:crazy_diz