Music promo: Funkware VR025 on Vibration Records

The following album is now being promoted on our drum and bass music internet radio station here on Party Vibe radio.

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Funkware VR025 on Vibration Records

Vibration Records VR025

Vibration Records VR025 OUT 15th July

Without further ado its now time for Funkware’s arrival on Vibration Records, and to introduce you to this wicked artist we have signed 4 experimental jazzy DnB tunes that are sure to ignite any party dance floor. Vibration prides itself on promoting the music we love, we try our hardest to follow our hearts and not current trends, this EP is no different, while there is a few rough edits which highlight the human input into these digital master pieces, Funkware does his best to experiment with some heavy beats and old school jazz samples bringing real melody to hard dance floor tracks.

01: Funkware – Too Many Rich Too Many Poor

03: Funkware – King of the Blue

04: Funkware – The Shift

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