Music promo: Cristian Paduraru’s Vibration Meditation

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Cristian Paduraru – Vibration Meditation

Cristian Paduraru - Vibration Meditation

It has been six months since our last release, certain work commitments got in the way a little, but in the background lots has been going on, we have been talking to dozens of outstanding artist’s and have a busy schedule for the rest of this year.

To start off we bring you an experiment of vibrations, something to spark the imagination a little, blending ambient music by Cristian Paduraru with deep meditative binaural beats, we use the power of sound and challenge you to take some time out of your busy schedule and meditate with us, for a moment remember how beautiful this universe is, this beautiful universe we share.

With time seemingly flying by faster every day, it can be hard to focus, overloaded with information from the media, it is a challenge to stay grounded, and with technology beginning to move faster than light, it is more important than ever to spend a little time each day to slow down, relax, and smile, focus on the positive energy we all bring one another, and gain some clarity to connect with ones inner self.

Vibration Meditation 01 uses binaural beat technology to take your brain in to theta and delta wave state, headphones are necessary because the left and right channel must be directed to the left and right ear for the binaural beats to work, by shifting a frequency between the two speakers by only a few Hertz we can synthesize frequencies not normally audible through general consumer speakers, using psychoacoustics we stimulate brain waves that help the left and right side of the brain relax.

With your headphones on, start the music in the correct order working your way down from 7Hz to 4Hz, do not operate heavy machinery or vehicles while listening to binaural beats as drowsiness may occur, sit back, close your eyes, enjoy the power of vibrations and remember what Nicola Tesla once said “To find the secrets of the universe, you must think in terms of energy, frequency and Vibration”

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