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How to breathe through a Seagull


The Danish multi artist and blogger Ludvig Olsen releases his debut album Breathing Seagull on the 10th of May.

The concept is a mix of ambient drone soundscape music, minimalism and storytelling. The story is about a Seagull that goes to war. In the heat of a great attack a lot of its Seagull friends lose their lives and the Seagull must flee.

The music is mainly made from 2 seconds of Seagull scream that was recorded while observing two Seagulls fighting over a branch. This raised the question: What if you could breathe through a Seagull?

For each track on the album there is a written chapter of the story.

About Ludvig Olsen

Ludvig Olsen lives in a great white castle in Jutland, Denmark. It’s a college of arts and music called Engelsholm Castle where he has been taking electronic music and songwriting courses the past year.

Ludvig writes and produces his own music and also do productions for others. He blogs about his musical processes and some of the mental states he has when being creative.

Besides doing ambient drones he does a lot of electronic pop and electronic rock as well. He most recently released a single on Soundcloud from a collaboration with the Italian singer Iris Lou who he is doing a vocal soundscape EP with. The track is called Estaciones.

Ludvig and the project can be heard, downloaded for free and followed at the following platforms:

Listen and download:

Website of the release – Breathing Seagull – a story by Ludvig OlsenBreathing Seagull | Just another WordPress site
Bandcamp – Ludvig Olsen

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