• Urk replied to the topic Is this a good idea? in the forum Music 13 years, 10 months ago

    I think it’s a great idea.

    By way of getting *something* off the ground, getting organised and stuff, has anyone ( and I’m looking at you GL ) looked into broadcasting over the web using the NSV format ( or something similar ) ?

    Examples of it running can be seen in winamp ( media library->winamp / shoutcast TV ,…[Read more]

  • I have some !
    We had some ledgendary parties at our old house in Sonning, oh yes.
    will try and dig out some piccies too when I get home….

    Anway, tips :
    Preperatoipn is the key. We used to spend two days getting ready for a party, and about a week getting it all back together…

    All breakables ( TV / DVD etc ) in the garage / loft / locked…[Read more]

  • NRG : He never lost his hardcore.

    + some of the old skool classics already metioned.

  • Originally posted by General Lighting
    hi 2 kit and Urk – welcome 2 partyvibe.. Urk – wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve been 2 many of the same parties ova the years….

    Heh,indeed mate,you were’nt in Wokingham for new years by any chance were you ?!

  • Urk replied to the topic Tinkerbell Soundsystem in the forum Chat 16 years, 1 month ago

    Saved !

    Saw you guys out for the first time at the Hallo’een party in Heathrow(?), and I have to say, that me an my mates were getting seriously worried that it was gonna be drum and base, out of ALL the rigs, ALL night, until the welcome sound of the four four came wafting over, from your loverly rig. You guys saved us with Techno! nice…[Read more]

  • Right, this looks like the obligatry IM NEW TOO thread.

    Sooo – I’m new, any one gwaan say ello to me?

    I’m Rob, from Reading, been partying for the best part of the last ten years plus, and still love it, I read ( but don’t really post ) Squat juice, and am quite active in the Psy forum.

    Used to read this site years ago, then it seemed to die…[Read more]

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