• munilooney replied to the topic The American Taliban in the forum Chat 14 years, 7 months ago

    It’d be good to have dates and a little more context for those quotes.

    I’m signed up to e-mail rings of a couple of those people jerry falwell, rush limbaugh and a couple of others…Mostly for comedy purposes really.

    What a collection of premature ejaculating, insecure oddballs eh.

  • weeeell. Muni is the abreviation for mountain unicycling. And looney…well who can resist a rhyme.

    On the unicyclist fora I post as MrBoogiejuice which came from a fun filled evening of mushrooms and dancing.

    Only just noticed the idiosynchrocy that on a free party forum I use a uni related name and on the uni ones I use a party related one.

  • My cat gave birth on Friday to 3 lovely little kittens (the wee hussy, she’s only 9 months old herself). We got our spaying dates mixed up…

    I’ll be starting the counter espionage and surveillance training just as soon as they can see.

    The kittens are wickedy wicked but could do without all of mummies gentleman callers making the house smell…[Read more]

  • evening alll, I be from oop narth wur it’s reet good Manchester-ish. Has plus and minus points but all in all could be worse. Could be Surrey!


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