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  • monkey monkey replied to the topic body shop in the forum Chat 13 years, 5 months ago

    I’m sort of glad that L’oreal bought the body shop. At least it’s made people realise how wrong Anita Roddick is.

    Even before the sale, though the actual products weren’t tested on animals, the ingredients which were bought for a lot of the products were.

    Not just this, but they would basically ‘steal’ recipes from small villages and…[Read more]

  • globalloon wrote:
    norman cook is a nob.

    and a nob who plays unforgivable cheese.

    I concur.

  • I know a few years ago, a lot of call-centres moved to India, because of cheap labour, I guess. Friends of mine (in Reading) used to work for the corporate God that is Prudential, and a few of them lost their job because of this. I know that a lot of call cenres have moved out of India, now, so I guess they’ve gone to Scotland.

    As far as the…[Read more]

  • I’m a bit confused about spring, too.

    Today’s a fairly nice day, but there doesn’t really seem to be a definite ‘Spring’ season anymore. Anyone noticed how there’s no Autumn, either?

    The leaves on the trees used to get all golden & nice (forgive my hippy ramblings), but now I don’t see it. The trees stay green, then the leaves fall off and…[Read more]

  • monkey monkey replied to the topic Question in the forum Chat 13 years, 6 months ago

    ZeRasta wrote:
    Why are there 1593 guests?

    I don’t usually log on unless I’ve got something to say. When I say ‘something’, I pretty much mean anything…

    Only 1592 to account for now, then…

  • This is a good article.

    I believe in pirate radio stations possibly more than parties themselves. It is a way of bringing underground music into the homes of people who don’t necessarily want to dance in a field or empty buildings.

    About 10 or so years ago we were involved in a DnB station – the music was made at one house, but it was…[Read more]

  • General Lighting wrote:
    it annoys me these shows (and the soaps)…..

    I hope you’re not including Neighbours in this statement. That’s a slice of gritty real life drama that the public NEED to see…

  • Hello.

    I agree with you entirely.

    A lot of the people who religously watch this stuff, though, are people who have nothing else to do. It’s all about what constitutes a celebrity anyway – it’s the public that put them on the pedestal in the first place.

    I (unashamedly) watched the first Big Brother, which I thought it was fairly interesting,…[Read more]

  • monkey monkey replied to the topic Shocking Survival in the forum Chat 13 years, 9 months ago

    I dunno, if I was her I’d either be shit scared of going anywhere near a plane ever again or be convinced of my immortality and go do lots of crazy stunts!

    Not sure which one, though…

  • As soon as someone sends me their pictures of the waterfalls, I’ll get some posted – there was a dude with a who’d been to Angel, Niagra and Victoria falls, and he said that Iguacu beats them all. No contest. About a month before we were there, there was a lot of rain, so the water level was way up. We heard from some people who had been there…[Read more]

  • My superior planning ability enabled me to only take disposable cameras with me (bought at Heathrow – never do today what you can do tomorrow). Some others there had some pictures that they said they’re going to send, so with a bit of luck they’ll be coming soon.

    That’s one of the biggest things I learnt when I was away – not how astounding the…[Read more]

  • Hang on – I’ve just read a post by me that I didn’t write. It’s all getting a bit odd here…

    The post I meant to write was this –


    The only organisation I know (which means that it certainly isn’t the only one that exists) is VSO.

    A friend of mine used to work for them afer volunteering a lot herself, and said that it’s a REALLY…[Read more]

  • Hello.

    The only organisation I know (which means that it certainly isn’t the only one that exists) is VSO.

    A friend of mine used to work for them afer volunteering a lot herself, and said that it’s a REALLY worthwhile experience. She had a few bad things to say about them when she left her job, though, but I think that’s the case with any…[Read more]

  • Thank God you’re back, I was beginning to work at work. I can’t have my boss thinking I’m a skilled and dedicated worker, who knows what that may lead to…

  • monkey monkey replied to the topic Confused! in the forum Chat 14 years ago


    Things are supposed to be balanced, but most of the time it’s too difficult to see where the balance is.

    If something bad happens, there is usually do doubt that something good will come after it, but I suppose we hope that we will get instant balance from everything – I think it happens globally, and we may never see things pan out the…[Read more]

  • monkey monkey replied to the topic Tribute to Mr Moog in the forum Chat 14 years ago


    In case you’re not aware of who Mr Moog is, he invented the first personal analogue synth.

    Without this, there probably wouldn’t be any techno, drum & bass or psy-trance – at least not as we know it.

    Though I don’t know about his politics, I do know about the noise which people contine to make today with his inventions. This noise will…[Read more]

  • I get a few of these. They make me feel quite honoured.

    I used to reply with some random things, but I never got a reply. I read about one guy, though, who did manage to beat them at their own game.

    It was good, I’ll try to find it.

    Here it is:

  • Just so you know, when I referred to repetative beats, I was talking about the now infamous sentence in the CJA. I was hoping that, with your screen name, you would have noticed the irony.

    Hopefully, you can find your way to some parties to realise what I am actually talking about.

    Remember, though, even if I was talking about commercial house,…[Read more]

  • Hello there.

    Free parties? Nothing like that here…

    If you want information on private, invite only parties, though, go to your local club on a night that’s playing music not dissimilar to party music (techno, psy-trance and all that ‘repetative beats’ nonsense) and speak to people there. This is how a lot of people have been passed their…[Read more]

  • monkey monkey replied to the topic chav tests in the forum Chat 14 years, 1 month ago

    I got 28%

    I think I need to spend more time on a different forum. I’m surrounded by chavs.

    Very proud of Silver Fox. 11%? That’s almost upper-middle class…

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