• anyone got a link to club-plugs?? my wife got a pair & doesnt have any probs (when she’s wearing them) now from too loud parties. I should get some too.. 🙁 (right ear’s getting a bit iffy)..

  • Blimey – that’s wierd you mentioning him.. was playing a game round a friends the other day & I thought of him as an answer to a question – then remembered he’s a philosopher not an artist & now this is the 3rd day running his name has cropped up – & I really don’t move in the circles that would mention him every day – spooky
    One of them dammed…[Read more]

  • Easy peasy lemon-squeezy !!!! 😉
    My name’s Dave & I used to wear this trilby type hat – used to me more into RAWK music then too. Got the nickname & it stuck (unlike the hat which I lost). I do still have a coupe of hats, but not the original *sob* 😉
    Actually lost it while having some ‘fun’ with me girly (at the time) on the seafront – it blew…[Read more]

  • Hey Photon…
    Well Brighton does sound good – but with these winds & this weather????

    Roll on spring !!
    We will post on here if we are going to come down & spin some on the beach !!!

    Have a nice day y’all y’hear???
    Yee Haaaa!
    Fcuk america !!!! 😉

  • Davethehat replied to the topic Hunter S Thompson RIP in the forum Music 14 years, 7 months ago

    I felt a great personal loos on hearing of his death…
    It’s been a bad few months or so for this kind of sad news – John Peel not that long ago – & now Hunter…

    I was thinking, he was 67, Bush had just got into the white house again…
    Maybe he couldnt bear the thought of “4 more years” of a toadying little party boy running the U.S. of A.
    He…[Read more]

  • Hi all!

    Yeah we have a little collective of us in Southend-on-Sea (& growing) of people who do poi, fire-poi, staff & other assorted ‘toys’.
    It’s great, you do need to keep safe (get a fire extinguisher) & when using fire have someone keep an eye on you – if you catch your back alight you may not notice immediately. We’re all at different…[Read more]

  • Particularly if they swing up & under & **@&*£@£^% !!
    Straight in the nuts !! OUCH !
    Well ‘no pain no gain’ as they say…..


  • Hello,

    I’m from Southend-on-sea (as are the local poi posse that we have formed)
    I have a lot of respect for techno – SO much more inventive than …say… hard house (dum dum dum etc ad naseum !! 😉 ) …
    We even poi – ed at the local football ground last year (though not with fire !!)
    I’ll try to post on here more regularly..

    laters ‘taters !!

  • I’ve been following the nu-skool breaks scene for a whle now, the whole breakbeat scene is really taking off recently, but I first caught this wierd mongrel mash-up of genre’s at the Star Bar @ heaven for John Digweed’s Bedrock night (1st thurs of the month), with the likes of Dj Hyper & others (who I’ve forgotten their names). Excellent music…[Read more]

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