Jon Deitemyer


Jon Deitemyer has quickly earned his place among a new breed of creative, expressive jazz drummers. Deitemyer graduated summa cum laude from the esteemed University of North Texas and spent substantial time at the Banff Centre for the Arts. In only a short professional career, he has collaborated with Patricia Barber, Matt Ulery, Zach Brock, Grazyna Auguscik, Phil Markowitz, Ben Paterson, and countless others. Deitemyer’s performances have taken him all over the North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Recordings of his drumming can be heard on the Concord, Greenleaf, Origin, and MaxJazz labels. He is also an active educator, with teaching positions at Loyola University Chicago and the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Graduate of the University of North Texas Jazz Program: studies with Ed Soph, Paul Rennick, Christopher Deane, Lynn Seaton, and Stefan Karlsson

Participant of 2004 Banff International Jazz Workshop: studies with Dave Douglas, Clarence Penn, Jason Moran, and Bill Frisell

Performances with: Grazyna Auguscik, Patricia Barber, Sam Barsh, Zach Brock, Stefan Karlsson, Phil Markowitz, Greg Osby, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Lynn Seaton, and Matt Ulery

Recordings with: Grazyna Auguscik (GMA Records, EMI Classics), Jangeun Bae (Kang Music, Inner Circle Music), Patricia Barber (Concord Jazz), Kelly Brand Nextet (Origin Records), Zach Brock (Secret Fort), James Davis (Ears and Eyes), Greg Duncan (OA2 Records, New Origins Records), Ben Paterson (MAXJAZZ, OA2 Records), and Matt Ulery (Greenleaf Music, Woolgathering Records)

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