Hood Smoke


A tour de force of the Chicago music scene, Hood Smoke has been making lasting impressions on listeners all over the world since the release of their debut album, 2012’s Laid Up In Ordinary.

The Chicago Sun-Times calls the band a “must-see act.” WBEZ’s Vocalo touts them as “a kind of soul-pop fusion that is truly captivating.” With their second album, 2014’s Regular Neurotic, the band gained critical notoriety. American Songwriter Magazine featured the song, “Never Suffering,” written by band leader, bassist and composer Bryan Doherty.

Rough Around The Hedges, the band’s third album, is set to come out in the spring of 2016. String and brass trios, a small vocal choir, award-winning trumpeter Marquis Hill and Chicago legend Matt Ulery, help to make The Hedges their most anticipated release to date.

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