Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi


Jah Warrior Shelter High Fidelty is an award winning sound system based in California’s Bay Area.

Selector Jahson Reuben, alongside MCs E-Dom, Quality and Monty Irie, originally ran the sound out of Free Port Long Island, NY in 1987. In the summer of 1988, Rocker T, hailing from Brooklyn NY, linked with the crew and became the official Singjay for Jah Warrior Shelter. Over the next 4 years Rocker T continued to build JWS, adding DJs and MCs including Puppy Ranks, Major 1, Jamalski, GT English, Lenky Don, Ronnie Dread and Smoki. With regular resident dances in Manhattan, NY including The Wetlands, Lonestar Café, S.O.B.’s, Tramps and The Z-Bar, JWS was a fixture on NY’s reggae scene. In 1992, Jahson Reuben officially handed the sound to Rocker T.

Teaming up with Daddy B and International Hi Power, JWS ran the legendary Lions Den in Manhattan from 1994-1996. In 1996, after linking with Monty Joe (Culture Yard), Jah Warrior Shelter had its first clash at Culture Yard in Spanish Harlem. Held at a Twelve Tribes of Israel Dance with Freddie McGregor and Jah Faith, JWS played the few dubs that they had and gained a reputation as the “likkle big sound”.

Rocker T moved to California in 1997, toured the West Coast, released several albums and established himself as a top selector in the area. After being introduced by Jamalski to selector Jah Yzer from Miami’s Sound Elevation, Rocker T began MCing for Jah Yzer across The Bay Area.

In 1998 Rocker T invited Jah Yzer to join him for studio production work in NY. Bringing along DJ I-Vier, Jah Yzer headed East. After running a few dances in Manhattan over the course of that summer (Spoon, Coney Island High), Rocker T added the two rising DJs to Jah Warrior Shelter. All three returned to the Bay Area and in 1999 DJ Irie Dole joined the crew.

Throughout the 2000’s Jah Warrior Shelter has established itself as one of California’s leading sounds, winning 9 Sound Clash


* The 4th Annual LA Rumble (2008)
* The 4th Annual Club Dread Clash(2008)
* The 3rd Annual LA Rumble (2007)
* The Unity Clash Part 2 in Berkeley (2004).
* The Unity Clash in Berkley (2003)
* The Bay Area 45 Clash in Oakland (2002)
* The Settlement Clash in Oakland (2002)
* The EIWR Clash in San Francisco (2001)
* The Official VP Records KMEL Sound Clash in San Francisco (1998)

Each selector in the crew has his unique style, earning well deserved recognition, not only as a clash sound, but a top juggling sound as well. In The Bay Area, you can always find a Jah Warrior Shelter Hi Fi dance to go to and have a good time, either with individual selectors or together as one sound.

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